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25 Apr 2019
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Sticker Cutting Machine


CUTTING STICKER MACHINE JINKA XL 1351 LEGALA is a variant of the Jinka XL sticker cutting machine with the widest size of cutting area. Large buffer capacity of up to 4 m, contributes to the speed of data duplication, increasing your work efficiency. This cutting machine is also equipped with a built-in sensor for contour-cut using supporting software. Also the maximum cutting speed is up to 800mm / second and the pressure strength is up to a maximum of 500g.

media width maximum: 1350mm
maximum cutting area width: 1260mm
interface: usb 2.0, rs-232c, and u disk
memory: 4m
motor type: stepping motor
command set: dmpl / hpgl
power supply: ac90v - ac240v
Suggested working environment: 5 ° c - 35 ° c humidity: 5 - 95%
weight: 35kg
packing size: 16.3 x 34.5 x 41cm

LEGELA STORES also sell various types of jinka cuting seticker machines, besides cutting seticker machines LEGELA STORES also sell digital printing printing tools. For reservations, you can directly contact via the Whatsap icon.

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